Welcome to the Johnson Family Website

After a couple of unreleased redesigns, we are finally releasing our new blog and website! There is still a lot that is not yet fully completed, so please pardon our dust. But we’re excited that we finally have enough completed to go live with our new website.

Please feel free to register and make comments on our blog, news posts, and videos. We love the feedback we get in our posts from our family, friends, blogging buddies, and others!

Why We Have a Website

So why did we create this website in the first place? The following are some of the reasons:

  • To make it easy for family and friends to stay up to date on news and stories about our family
  • To give to family and friends status updates for each family member (something Brandon programmed) – including the kids, who don’t have Facebook and other social tools available to post their status updates
  • To express our thoughts, feelings, and experiences
  • Another social networking venue
  • Because we enjoy reading the news and stories of our family and friends
  • To “show off” our kids to their grandparents
  • To share our knowledge and experience on certain topics we feel others might want to know more about
  • To connect with people like us
  • Because Brandon likes to program certain things in a non-critical web application environment… a kind of testing grounds, like bomb testing or something…
  • And… Just for fun

We hope you enjoy something you find here about our crazy family! And thanks for stopping by!

Recent Status Updates

  • Brandon Clearlink made ComputerWorld's '100 Best Places to Work in IT' list for 2014. I'm so lucky to be back working at such an awesome place.
  • Brandon is excited to announce the grand arrival of his new baby boy, Bosley! Seven pounds 14 ounces, and 21 inches long, he's one cute kid.
  • Brandon found a new domain for his tech blog, so he's going to drop the other one.
  • Brandon went to an informational session today about CLEARLINK's new 401K program which starts next month, along with 100% health care!!
  • Amora is going to be tested for an accelerated learning program for next year. She is already a whole grade ahead.
  • Aleksia started taking dance lessons, and had her first lesson today!
  • Ambree had a great 1st birthday party yesterday! But she was WAY too careful with the cake we put in front of her.